Program Information


Program Information:

2 Semesters

Program Location:

ACRES Farm @ Warren Tech Central
13300 West 2nd Place
Lakewood, CO 80228

Program Hours:

AM Session:
7:30 - 10:30am Monday through Friday 

PM Session:
12:00 - 3:45pm Monday through Thursday

Student Fees:

Students are required to pay an annual program fee, as well as purchase equipment and clothing for personal use. Instructors work with business and industry partners to offer the best possible price on materials and equipment. Each program's fees will be available at orientation in May. Warren Tech works closely with students who demonstrate financial need. 

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Program Pathway


Program Topics:

  • Sustainable/Organic Agriculture Practices: 
    Biodynamic and Organic Principles
  • Introduction to Culinary Concepts:
    Preserving, Butchery, Vegetable Preparation
  • Food and Farm Safety and Sanitation  
  • Farm-to-Table Events
  • Alternative Agriculture Methods
    Hydroponics and Aquaponics
  • Land Use:
    Urban Agriculture
    Soil Science
    Crop Planning
  • Water Use
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Plant Biodiversity
  • Agribusiness:
    Union Station Farmers Market


Jeffco High School Credit Earned:

1st Semester:
1.0 Elective (Course Title TBD)
0.5 Environmental Science (Lab-based Science Credit)

2nd Semester:
1.0 Elective (Course Title TBD)
0.5 Food Science (Lab-based Science Credit)

Potential for summer internship and additional available credit