Bell & Bus Schedule

 2022-23 School Year Applicants: 


Historically, bus information is available from Jeffco Transportation Department in August. Transportation information for the 2022-23 school year will be posted here once decisions are finalized in August.

Please be aware that due to extreme bus driver shortages, Warren Tech may continue to have limited transportation options. 

Warren Tech will participate in a carpool platform for families called School Pool. Information will be shared with incoming students in August about this platform.


 Schedules are subject to change for the 2022-23 school year slightly.


👇Please call the hub assigned to your home high school if you have questions about buses to and from Warren Tech.👇

 WT Schedule

Students attend Warren Tech in the morning and their home high school in the afternoon OR their home high school in the morning and Warren Tech in the afternoon. 

This schedule means students students spend three hours a day or more in their Warren Tech program. Unlike traditional school schedules of 45 minutes/class, students dive deep into their learning, experiencing 15 hours each week of program content. We believe one of the greatest factors to the success of our students is the amount of time they spend with their program content.

Due to Warren Tech's unique schedule, lunch is not served at Warren Tech. Students are encouraged and allowed to enjoy snacks during break time at Warren Tech.