Applicant FAQ


Enroll Jeffco Button

 Please log into Enroll Jeffco to view your status, posted to the “View Choice Results” tab at the top of the Enroll Jeffco homepage. 

If were offered enrollment: WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS!

Confirm your enrollment offer in Enroll Jeffco ASAP. If you do not confirm your enrollment WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE OFFER, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SPOT!

Read the “If you were offered enrollment” section below for more information. 

If your status is waitlisted: Warren Tech applications run through Enroll Jeffco on a lottery. We wish we could accept every student who wants to be a part of Warren Tech, but there are more applications than we have capacity for.

You can view your waitlist number at any time on Enroll Jeffco. We fill programs if space becomes available until the first day of school, so continue checking Enroll Jeffco and your email to see if your application status has changed.

Read the “If you were waitlisted” section below for more information. 

All applicants: Thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone to try something new by applying to Warren Tech. We are honored you saw Warren Tech as a place you want to be and put yourself out there as an applicant.

We’re here to help! ⬇️ If you need to reach out to someone directly, please contact the counselor below that corresponds to the program you need assistance with⬇️